29 July 2020

NEO FIRE, the new boiler by Adisa Heating

Adisa Heating launches to the market its new floor standing gas condensing boiler NEO FIRE with aluminum-silicon heat exchanger, combining high efficiencies, robustness and low emissions.
With power outputs from 78 to 944 kW, this condensing boiler with aluminum-silicon heat exchanger, stands out for its high efficiencies up to 108.81% s/PCI and its ecological combustion NOx class 6, complying with the Ecodesign ErP Directive, both in terms of efficiencies and low emissions.

With a wide modulation range starting from 12% and a variable speed fan, NEO FIRE can totally adapt its power to the demand of the installation, with the resulting energy savings.

It stands out for its great flexibility and versatility of operation:

  • It can operate with Delta T up to 25ºC, allowing significant energy savings.
  • It can be converted into a room sealed boiler up to 294.5 kW.
  • It can operate with propane gas up to 369,0 kW.
  • Each boiler can control up to 3 heating circuits.
  • It can also control the DHW production, with anti-legionella function.
  • Possibility of connecting up to 16 boilers in cascade, with inversion of the boilers sequence.
  • Possibility of remote control through the Webserver or ModBus RTU connection for
  • Multiple management options: external signals on/off and 0...10V, external alarm, constant flow temperature or flow temperature function of the outdoor temperature.

The NEO FIRE, boiler offers the best performances, ensuring not only important energy savings but also in costs of installation and maintenance, thanks to the easy assembly and removal of its panels and folding doors, its great robustness and high quality components, as well as its low sound level thanks to thermal and acoustic insulated panels.

ADISA Heating is the leading Spanish manufacturer in the design and production of global solutions in heating and DHW for gas centralized installations, highlighting its wide high efficiency condensing boilers range and its prepackaged heat production roof top units.

Proudly in-house manufactured with the highest quality standards.

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