11 October 2019

Hitecsa and Adisa Heating HVAC solutions once again chosen for a new luxury Residential Building in Iran

Hitecsa and Adisa Heating are the two brands chosen to provide their HVAC solutions to a new luxury Residential Building in Iran.

Dr. Hamednejad's project, a work of the architect Ms Parnian Rezapourian, consits of 5 elegant and modernly equipped luxury apartments located in the East of Isfahan. Confort, high quality, reliability and efficiency were the main requirements demanded for the HVAC equipment in this project: one KRONO2 chiller 2501.2 with EC fan, two ADI CD 70 boilers and 35 units of fancoils FCCW 60-30 and FCW 40-50. Hitecsa and Adisa Heating can provide a global solution both for air conditioning and heating, always focused on achieving the best performances.

Hitecsa KRONO2 water-chillers, selected for the distribution of chilled water to fancoils units, are compact units specially designed to be installed outdoor, either on terraces or on the ground. They stand out for their robustness, high efficiency and operating reliability. They are the appropriate solution to provide climate control to those spaces requiring a precise control of the environment conditions.

For the heating and DHWS service, Adisa Heating has provided 2 ADI CD condensing boilers of high efficiencies and very compact dimensions.

With this project, Hitecsa and Adisa Heating reaffirm once again the importance of their sinergies as a supplier of global HVAC solutions and as a specialist in climate control solutions.

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