Anti-legionella Roof Top

Integrated solution for heat production and D.H.W. pasteurization

  • Autonomous equipments 2 in 1: heating and DHW production with antilegionella system integrated.
    – heat generation for heating and D.H.W. production
    – D.H.W. pasteurization for the permanent elimination of the Legionella bacteria from the D.H.W. production and distribution circuits.
  • With high efficiency ADI boilers. 
  • Prepackaged equipment wityh self-bearing structure.
  • Outdoor or indoor installation.
  • Considerable savings in gas and water consumption, in maintenance operations and in the space occupied, compared to the conventional solution with accumulation.
  • Solution for hospitals, geriatric units, sports centres, hotels, tertiary sector, etc.

Comprehensive solutions for heating and Domestic Hot Water of high energy efficiency

Specialized in thermal production by gas for centralized installations. Wide range of comprehensive solutions for heating and D.H.W. of high energy efficiency, fast recovery and respect of the environment: boilers, autonomous equipments, solar collectors, buffer vessels, water treatments, etc.

Anti-legionella Roof Top


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