6 September 2017

Madrid Health Service relies on Adisa heating equipment

The prebuilt heat production Rooft Top units by Adisa Heating Series, have been selected to provide heating to the Health Center located in Barcelona Street in Mostoles, Madrid (belonging to the Madrid Health Service, Servicio Madrileño de Salud or SERMAS).

The equipment installed is a MINI ROOF TOP with 2 condensing boilers, model ADI CD 105, with power output of 208 kW.

The Adisa MINI ROOF TOP units stand out for being prebuilt complete solutions for heating and DHW production, with extremely compact dimensions, for outdoor installation. With power outputs up to 524 kW in just one casing, they are equipped with high efficiency ADI boilers.

The ADI CD condensing boilers are gas modulating boilers in stainless steel, with seasonal efficiencies up to 108% and power outputs from 71 to 904 kW, compact dimensions and reduced weights. They comply with the energy efficiency requirements set forth by the Ecodesign European Directive (ErP).

At ADISA, we directly cooperate with the client in order to give him the most appropriate heating solution according to the specific needs of his installation.

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