10 August 2017

Adisa’s Roof Top is integrated by MODBUS protocol in the Building Management System of an office building 

The 31st July 2017, Adisa installed a Roof top prebuilt equipment, with high efficiency boilers, in an office building located in 31, Agustin de Foxa street, in Madrid.

This installation includes the integration of this unit in the Building Management System by using Modbus communication.

Adisa's heat generation Roof Top is a prebuilt unit, equipped with two condensing boilers ADI LT 400 operating in sequence, for a total power output of 760 kW . These boilers comply with the Ecodesign Directive ErP for their high efficiencies and their very low pollutant emissions (to be applied from September 2018).

Its integration by Modbus communication in the Building Management System allows to remotely control the operating parameters of each boiler, the flow and return temperatures, the flues temperature, the operating state of the boilers, their operating hours, the circulating pumps, as well as modify the sequence set configuration, check the alarms...

The renovation project of this office building includes the chillers, the boilers (replaced by Adisa's Roof Top) and the optimization of the energy consumption of the distribution pumps by using frequence variators. All this integrated in a centralised control using MODBUS protocol.

The aim is to achieve the maximum energy efficiency in the installation.

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